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Ten Commandments For Couples

Ten Commandments For Couples

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No one enters marriage planning to fail. So why is divorce so common? Even within the church, how can the avalanche of divorce among Christians be stopped?

Dr. Glover Shipp has written a modern parallel to the Ten Commandments found in the book of Exodus in hopes of encouraging couples to add to their collection of anniversaries. His insights into relationships and helpful study questions can keep us in tune with God and our mates. Allow this study to create a godly foundation or to reinforce and improve your marriage.

10 Commandments For Couples has 12 Chapters and 112 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-846-2



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About the Author

Glover Shipp is a professional journalist, writer, and artist, as well as a teacher and church elder. He has served, taught and lectured in 45 countries. For 18 years he was a co-director of publications for the Escola da Biblia and Editora Vida Crista in Brazil. He is also engaged in general mission work, editing a regular evangelistic magazine and writing a number of books and courses in Portuguese and Spanish.

Dr. Shipp brings to his writings experience in a number of fields besides family and marriage counseling. He has graduate degrees in communication, missiology, theology, and urban anthropology, and has taught courses in World Religion, Comparative Doctrines, Islam, African Roots of Spiritism, and Urban Anthropology & Evangelism, as well as a number of other ethnic and language courses. He is also a published poet and hymnwriter.

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