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Teaching the Bible in Moberly: Essays Honoring Three Faithful Professors

Teaching the Bible in Moberly: Essays Honoring Three Faithful Professors

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This book is a series of essays dedicated to Lloyd Pelfrey, Gareth Reese and Richard Koffarnus, long time professors at Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, Missouri. The essays are written by their colleagues and past students.

Each essay covers a topic of scholarly or contemporary interest in the fields of Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, or Practical Ministry. These fields of discipline reflect the continuing contributions that each of the three men who are being honored by this book.

Chapters include:

  1. Dreaming of Unity: Proposing a Hermeneutic for Unity in the Restoration Movement, Dr. Eric Stevens
  2. An Orderly Account the Significance of Chronology in Bible Study, Dr. Mark S. Joy
  3. Imprecatory Psalms, Dr. A. Wayne Lowen
  4. The Lost Covenant of Levi,, Dr. Chad Summa
  5. “Thorn in the Flesh (2 Cor. 12:7) in Light of Patristic Scholarship, Darryl Cline Ammon
  6. Kingdom Absurdities: Preaching the Story Parables of Jesus, Dr. William “Billy” Strother
  7. A Vocabulary of Hope: Word Pictures of Christ’s Return, Dr. Lawrence Pechawer
  8. Halakic Judaism as Demonstrated through Oil Lamps in Lower Galilee, Prof. Walt Harper
  9. Gender Issues and Teaching: A Study of 1 Timothy 2:11-13, Dr. Ben Williams
  10. The Lord’s Supper: Restoring the Kaleidoscope, Prof. Sheri Tesar
  11. A Prop, A Fire, and a Chuckle: What Pelfrey, Reese, and Koffarnus Unintentionally Taught Me about Preaching and Teaching, Dr. Jason Poznich
  12. Theological Reflection: A Necessary Spiritual Discipline for the Christian Life, Dr. David Husky
  13. Defining Spiritual Discernment for the Stone-Campbell Movement, Brandon Bradly
  14. Missionaries Called to Missouri: A Missional Understanding of Ministry, Dr. Micheal Curtice
  15. Retention and Graduation of Diverse Students in Christian Higher Education, Dr. Anne Menear
  16. A Still Small Voice: A Proposed Biblical Response to Major Depressive Disorder, Dr. Don Kris Small
  17. Elders as Teachers: Insights from the Old Testament and Intertestamental, Dr.  James R. Estep, and Ryan Eidson


Book Features

  • Footnotes and references enhance the resources offered by the contributors.
  • Prologue written by the President of Central Christian College of the Bible, David B. Fincher and the Executive Assistant, Sherry Wallis.
  • Photographs illustrate a chapter on archaeology.
  • Charts and original language biblical text material (Hebrew and Greek) are found throughout this study.



“I learned from these men that I can be a Christian scholar…. Mr. Pelfrey is known for his enviable knowledge of the Old Testament, Mr. Reese for mastering the New Testament in its entirety, and Mr. Koffarnaus for his ample knowledge of philosophy and history… All of us, who have sat under these Christian models can tell you how blessed we have been by having such a privilege. To God be the glory!”
Salonique Adolphe – Gonaives, Haiti

“May each of us truly reflect upon these spiritual examples and dedicate ourselves to imitating their character and faithfulness to Christ. And, by doing so, we give honor to these rare, unique servants of Christ!”
Ronald L. Oakes – CCCB President, 2006-2013


About the Authors

James Riley Estep, Jr. (Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is the Vice President of Academics at Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, Missouri. He is also the Resources Director of “e2: effective elders” ( He has published a number of books and academic as well as scholarly articles.

Sheri Tesar (M.A. Lincoln Christian Seminary) is the Professor of Worship Studies at CCCB. She is currently working on her DWS at the Robert E. Webber Institute of Worship Studies (Jacksonville, FL). She is also on the editorial board of Common Ground Unity.


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