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Take the Journey

Take the Journey

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Devotions are a real drag. I already don't have time: homework, chores, job, friends, family...It's just hard to have a real relationship with God.

There are dozens of "good" reasons that keep us away from devotions - late nights, emergency trips, studies and personal fun time - all conspire to take the emphasis off God.

Designed for teenagers, Take the Journey contains 34 daily devotions to help you go against the flow.

Take this Challenge

Commit yourself to spending 30 minutes a day for one month of "real time" with the Lord. Les Christie is committed to help fill your devotion time with quick, fun and interesting devotions.

You will run with Olympic medalists, view life on the street with runaways and see history through the eyes of the people who were there. You won't be preached at or find yourself reading lame, out-of-date stuff. You will find a real challenge to draw near to God.

ISBN 978-0-89900-714-4




“Whether you call it quiet time, personal devotions, time of meditation, or your ‘appointment with god,’ this time is crucial for getting direction from God for your life, growing close to God and in your personal knowledge of God. It is more than just spending a few hurried minutes reading and praying. We need to meet with the Lord himself, to tell him of our deep love for him.” (p. 8)

“Many times in life we grab on to something that can be dangerous. We feel we have control and can stop holding on any time we like. It becomes a habit and one day we try to get out and discover that we no longer have a hold of it but it has a hold of us.” (pp. 31-32)



"Les Christie is one of America's youth specialists and this book is one of America's premier youth devotional books. The format and the stories draw students into every page and ultimately draw them closer to God."

 - Dr. Jim Burns, President, National Institute of Youth Ministry

"Les Christie is a youth ministry veteran who has spent most of his adult life helping teenagers grow in their relationship with Jesus. This is a devotional that speaks to where people really live. Les has a way of getting down underneath your skin, feeling around for the rough edges of your heart, and helping to apply the Scripture to some of the tough issues we face every day."

 - Duffy Robbins, Chairman, Department of Youth Ministry, Eastern College


About the Author

Les Christie was born in Liverpool, England and moved to California with his family at the age of five. He graduated from Pacific Christian College and Fuller Theological Seminary. He has been in youth ministry for over thirty years. Les has spoken to more than two million high school students and trained hundreds of thousands of adult youth workers in 42 states and ten foreign countries.

Les and his wife, Gretchen, live in San Jose, California and have two sons, Brent and David.

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