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Sunset Decisions

Sunset Decisions

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Sunset Decisions is a self-help manual of hope and encouragement. The author wants to help you design an elder care package that revitalizes the family, strengthens those involved spiritually, and builds lasting memories and relationships. This book deals with:

  • Losing a parent and decisions surrounding the survivor
  • Finding affordable elder care you can live with
  • Deciding when it is right to leave a parent at home
  • Determining when it is time to move a parent into your home or a care facility
  • Helping the family survive loss and tough decisions

Sunset Decisions is a Christian resource that will help change quick care into quality care. Reading this book will provide you with the valuable support you need.

Sunset Decisions has 16 chapters and 139 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-89900-811-0



About the Author

Anita Johnson is primarily a speaker and has had articles appear in ALIVE and Daughters of the King.

She was prompted to write this book because it was what she needed during the fifteen years she provided varying levels of support and care for her father and then her mother.

Anita is a gifted storyteller and each chapter of this book takes us into the lives of the elderly and their caregivers. There are practical helps and ideas as well as warnings about what not to do.


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