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Response to Grace

Response to Grace

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We're justified by faith. Scripture also says baptism saves. So which is it? Mr. Lammiman proposes that we examine the faith that justifies. What we think about faith makes a huge difference in what we think about baptism. He will also ask, other than a ritual, what is baptism?

Mr. Lammiman seeks not only to provide answers from Scripture but also to demonstrate "how things got changed."


About the Author

Boyd Lammiman is a graduate of Northwest Christian College and Butler University School for Religion (M.Div.). Along with local church ministries, Mr. Lammiman helped start Midwest Christian College, taught at Puget Sound College of the Bible, and was president and professor at Alberta Bible College (Canada). Since 1984, in what one student has dubbed a "working retirement," he has been a guest lecturer at Springdale College (Birmingham, England) and a ghost-writer for Lawrence Hallum's book We Love Them Regardless. He has filmed a video series on Bible Baptism with Good News Productions, International, was a guest lecturer at Maritime Christian College, guest professor of New Testament, a speaker of the C.H. Phillips lectureship at Puget Sound Christian College, and has been a part-time Lecturer at Alberta Bible College. He continues to write, lecture and lead local church seminars.

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