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Male and Female God Created Them: A Biblical Review of LGBTQ+ Claims

Male and Female God Created Them: A Biblical Review of LGBTQ+ Claims

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"In our world today, there is so much confusion and pain associated with the tender matters of our bodies and sexuality. There’s also no shortage of complexity and nuance which makes such things all the more daunting to address today in communities of faith, not to mention the public arena in general.

We’re in desperate need of trustworthy conversation-partners when it comes to processing the teachings of Jesus and the rest of Scripture in regard to these matters. In more than 30 years of full-time ministry, I’ve not found a resource more helpful in these matters than Dr. Rubel Shelly’s book.

Its stunning in its thorough assessment of the pertinent Scriptures in their context. It’s insightful in its assessment of the various cultural narratives in which all of us are swimming today. It’s preeminently gracious and practical when it comes to suggesting ways to move forward. I’m so thankful to have it as a resource. I believe you will, too."
- Chris Seidman, Lead Minister at The Branch Church in Dallas, Texas
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“In our age, a book on the hot button issues of sexuality that tries assiduously hard to be biblically based, while also being loving and sensitive to those living through such issues is hard to find.  Rubel Shelly has produced that book.  It deserves careful reading and loving discussions.”

- Mark Lanier, Attorney, Author, Teacher, Pastor

“I needed this book.  It provides a comprehensive, scholarly resource that reinforces my simplistic position that God created just two genders.  More importantly, I need Dr. Shelly’s frequent reminder to “speak the truth in love” regardless of how outrageous the challenges of our culture seem to be.   Every church leader would be wise to have several copies of this book available to share with those who have family members struggling with gender dysphoria.”

- Bob Russell, Retired Sr. Minister of Southeast
Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky

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