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On Target

On Target

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When we total the hours our students spend on weekly activities, we see that we, the church, only have students 1% of their time. The other 99% is spent at school, at home, on the internet, in sports, watching television and sleeping. This overwhelming statistic challenges us, the Christian educators, to make that 1% quality Christian education. What do we want to accomplish in the 1% of time we have with our students? Better yet, what do we want to intentionally set out to accomplish with our students by the time they leave our ministry?

On Target challenges Youth and Children's Ministers to intentionally aim their arrows, or students, at a predetermined goal by answering the question, "Where do you want your students to be by the time they graduate and how are you going to get them there?" It forces Christian Educators to look at their students as future adults and introduces them to the concept of a Faith Development Plan.

A Faith Development Plan is a roadmap, a plan of action, a game plan on how to get students from where they currently stand spiritually to a deeper faith, a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a paradigm shift from shooting your God entrusted arrows randomly, praying by chance they will hit something, to an intentional plan of action, a goal for shooting arrows toward a target.

On Target has 12 chapters and 236 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-940-9




"If you are serious about the spiritual development of the students in your care, then J. Brackemyre's book, On Target is a must read. For too long we have remained complacent about the number of young people who graduate from our churches and youth programs and cannot articulate even the basic elements of the Christian faith-let alone have the desire and passion to live them out. This problem is not going to correct itself. Parents, Sunday School teachers and Youth Ministers must have a specific plan in mind that will capture the imagination and hearts of our young people and ground them in the essential's of the faith. Brackemyre's book is filled with interesting illustrations, practical insight and a realistic plan that will help you grow students into passionate disciples of Christ."

-Dr. Gary B. Zustiak

Director of Youth Ministries and Resources Christ In Youth Joplin, Missouri


About the Author

J. Brackemyre ministers to the Children and Youth at the Wilmington Church of Christ in Wilmington, Ohio.

Brackemyre holds an Associates Arts Degree in Christian Education, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Children's Ministry, and a Masters of Arts Degree in Christian Education from Cincinnati Christian University.

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