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Now That's Encouraging

Now That's Encouraging

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We live in a world today that is overly negative. We live in a world today that is full of put-downs, sarcasm, anger, insults, and even full-on attacks. With this being true, it can be very challenging at times to feel encouraged, built up, and even positive in our own hearts.

This is certainly not what our Lord Jesus Christ and the writers of the New Testament had in mind. We hear them speaking of edification (building up). We hear them speaking of love our neighbors as ourselves. We hear them speaking of mercy and compassion with our relating to others. And yes, we even hear them speak of encouragement, which as you will see, is a key theme running throughout these reflection chapters.



  • Brief chapters that are designed to be daily meditations for 31 days
  • Key Scripture verse at the beginning of each chapter
  • Additional Scripture references at the end of each chapter for further study



What a gentle encouragement to read these devotional thoughts written by a man who has studied God’s Word and placed himself under that authority! Each devotion has God’s Word and truth shared in very personal and easy-to-understand sentences. Life with our Savior is made very available and approachable in these short writings!"
Dottie Tanksley, R.N.

Through his honest and open reflections on common situations that he has encountered, all supported by Scriptural references, Rodney Peterson reminds us that real answers can be found in God’s Word. He warns us to avoid being distracted and/or distanced from where those answers can be found. And he exhorts us to share these truths with others. In Rodney’s book, Now That’s Encouraging, he provides us with instruction, encouragement and hope; all of which are sorely needed in times like these.
Michael Doud
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor


I have had the privilege of working with and knowing Rodney Peterson for nearly 20 years of life and ministry. He was a mentor to me in many ways in Mexico when we were missionaries there together. As our ministries have progressed since then, I’ve watched him actually live out the things he talks about in this book.
Many years ago I was warned that it’s easy to talk big, but it’s hard to live it out. I can tell you that Rodney is not about preaching from some lofty perch…he has lived this out for a lifetime. You will do well to read this book. I know that I will do so again and again.
Dr. Robert P. Maupin
Executive Pastor of Ministry Development
Compass Christian Church
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX


About the Author

Rodney Peterson was born in the great Northwest of the U.S. He is descended from a pioneer family, on his mother’s side. He is someone who firmly believes that there are no more important things than the Kingdom of God, being a genuine disciple within that Kingdom, and one who is actively involved with that Kingdom’s expansion.

His two favorite verses in the New Testament are Matthew 6:33 and Romans 15:13. The first helps him maintain focus. The second gives him cause for rejoicing, as it embodies so much of what we have in Christ. The author has both undergraduate and graduate studies.

He loves to read. He loves to walk, hike and mountain climb, as he enjoys the beauty of God’s creation. He enjoys photographing wildlife and nature scenes. He is crazy in love with his wife. He knows he has the three greatest kids in the world. He is as proud as he can be of his amazing grandkids.

He loves teaching, encouraging, and exhorting others; all from God’s rich and abiding Word. He served for 28 years on the mission field, and for another 12 years with two different mission agencies. Currently, he and his wife, Laura, split time between Texas and Oregon. For four months each year, they direct “Sojourners Rest,” a retreat house in Lincoln City, Oregon.

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