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Lead Your Family

Lead Your Family

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Leading a family in today’s culture can be challenging and seems overwhelming. Where do I start?  What can I do?  Brian Jennings offers helpful advice and practical ideas for parents who seek to lead their families in living for Christ.  This short, easy to read resource is full of ideas and encouragement to help parents find meaningful family experiences that help their children live spiritually vibrant lives.  Lead Your Family is a must-have resource for any spiritually minded parent.

Lead Your Family has 12 chapters and 75 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-555-3




We know that our kids, in spite of a great school, will hear hurtful words, feel wounded, and be exposed to opinions that may or may not be true. And in all of this, they’ll be tempted to think, say, and do things that will dishonor God.

What will guard their hearts? What will prompt them to care for the lonely kid on the playground? What will guide them to answer the teacher truthfully, even if it will hurt their grade? What will help them discern what is true and right when their friends choose poorly?

Beth and I can help them, but they need more. They need God’s Word in their hearts and His Spirit in their lives.” (p. 21)



Brian shares a goldmine of creative ideas that are practical and proven.  If you don’t want to wake up tomorrow and find yourself wishing you had done more to help your kids know and love God, this book is for you.”   

- Ben Cachiaras,  Senior Pastor of Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, Maryland

"The disintegration of the family continues to be our culture's greatest challenge. Hope has not come from the University System that undermines our moral values and overwhelms our children with unprecedented debt. Hope has not arisen from our political system even though our current president ran on that premise. Hope certainly hasn't come from the 3 1/2 inch screens that enslave us through perpetual connectivity. The only hope for our culture is the family, and the only hope for the family is the spiritual leadership of parents committed to biblical principles. Brian's book offers practical suggestions to trigger parents to do what they already know they should do and already suspect they are capable of doing. This book is a starter kit with practical suggestions and simple action steps that will prompt further ideas and applications that will recalibrate your family on its spiritual foundations. The exercises you find here are flexible; the principles behind them are not. God wants you, and this nation needs you, to take these simple steps for your family."

 - Mark Moore, PhD, Author, Speaker, Teaching Pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley

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About the Author 

Brian Jennings and his wife, Beth, live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with their four children. He’d gladly regale you with stories of the time they adopted, gave birth, and waded through a significant job transition within the span of four months.

Brian has served at Highland Park Christian Church ever since graduating with a Bachelors of Theology from Ozark Christian College in 1998. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for Blackbox International, which provides care for boys who are victims of sex trafficking.

Brian enjoys long dates with Beth, writing, tennis, family bicycle rides, and out hustling young guys on the basketball court. You can read his blog at



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