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How to Love Someone You Can't Stand

How to Love Someone You Can't Stand

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This is a practical small group study that shows the reader how to gain not only an understanding of conflict resolution, but also reasonable ways of dealing with difficult people and situations. Jones offers a “seven steps to resolution” approach to bring peace in relationships.

This book offers a practical and achievable path to resolving conflict by a clear application of Romans 12:14-21. Applying this scripture in a clear and useable format, the author demonstrates that it is possible to heal what seem to be impossible relationships and interpersonal conflicts.

This will be a rewarding study that opens up the Word and challenges those who are willing to wage peace rather than war with our words and our attitudes.

How to Love Someone You Can't Stand has 8 chapters and 81 pages

ISBN 978-0-89900-713-7



Book Features

“Seven steps to resolution.” Those steps are:

  1. Manage your mouth – bless and do not curse
  2. See things from the other person’s point of view
  3. Never, never, never take revenge
  4. Plan ahead and do something beautiful
  5. Do not just win the war, win the peace
  6. Make room for God
  7. Bomb people with love!

    Each chapter includes between eight and ten discussion questions to facilitate small group interaction.


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    About the Author

    Milton Jones has served as preaching minister with the Northwest Church of Christ in Seattle, Washington since 1978. He has also served as campus minister for Texas Tech and the University of Washington. He has taught at Puget Sound Christian College and Pepperdine University. He received his BBA from Texas Tech in 1974, MA from Eastern New Mexico in 1976, and DMin from California Graduate School of Theology in 1982.

    Jones is also the author of The Other Side of the Keyboard published by College Press.

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