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How to Be an Effective Church Leader

How to Be an Effective Church Leader

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"Some books on leadership don't really scratch where people itch. They simply expound and confuse. But the questions answered in this book are the ones leaders are asking today. The material is practical, easy-to-read, and vital to anyone in ministry." -From Dave Stone's Foreword

In this book, Sam Stone lays the foundation for effective leadership by combining principles taken straight from Scripture with practical advice from life experience. He reminds us that churches can only do their best work when excellent leadership is present. He tackles timely topics like:

  • The real head of the church
  • Qualities of a good leader
  • The spiritual disciplines a leader must practice
  • The expectations a leader will face
  • Suggestions for maximizing board meetings
  • Dynamics of the preacher/elder relationship

If you are considering a church leadership position, or even if you are a veteran leader, Sam Stone's timeless advice will provide you with insight and encouragement.

How to be an Effective Church Leader has 12 chapters and 94 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-899-8



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About the Author

Sam E. Stone's lifetime of leadership includes more than twenty years in the preaching ministry, service as an elder, and a career as editor of Christian Standard. President of the 1997 North American Christian Convention, he is the author of two previous books, Grounded Faith for Growing Christians and The Christian Minister

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