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A History of the Church

A History of the Church

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This well-rounded history book is designed as a textbook for a one-semester survey of church history. Subject areas include the Apostolic church, monasticism, the rise of Islam, the medieval papacy, conciliarism, the Renaissance, Protestant revolt, rationalism, the Eastern Church, missionary expansion, and the age of ecumenicity. Questions and projects at the end of each chapter are especially designed for deeper study.

William J. Richardson states, "The book is well organized. I am impressed also by the clarity of expression throughout the whole of the work."

Formal students will have the material supplemented by lectures and other assignments. Church study groups may want to use the text as the basis for an examination of the history of the church. The questions and projects at the end of the chapters are especially designed to stimulate their thinking about the past developments. Still other individuals may simply want to read the work as an introduction to the topic.

History consists of the events of the past and an interpretation of those events. All too often the facts of the past are meaningless without an adequate interpretation which demonstrates their significance.

A History of the Church has 26 chapters and 587 pages.

ISBN # 978-089900-371-9


About the Author

James B. North, PhD, is a retired professor of Church History at Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio. His studies include Bachelor of Arts, Lincoln Christian College, 1958-1962; MA in Church History, Lincoln Christian Seminary, 1963; MA in church History, University of Chicago, 1967. He served as Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant in history at the University of Illinois, where he completed his studies for his doctorate in American History. He has also served as minister with congregations in San Jose and Ripley, Illinois.

His articles have been published in a number of journals and he is a member of the American Society of Church History, Disciples of Christ Historical Society, and Conferences on Faith and History.

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