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Herding Cats: Teaching and Leading in a Postmodern World

Herding Cats: Teaching and Leading in a Postmodern World

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The information age has us hurtling toward change at warp speed. Policy is decided on the whim of an opinion poll. The view of society, religion, where am I going, how do I get there, where do I fit in, what is my responsibility, is in constant flux. Welcome to the postmodern mind.

Postmodern thinking is not exclusive to one generation. We have all been influenced by change. Some dig their heels in the ground refusing to budge while others change as frequently as the direction of the wind. The problem for the church becomes equivalent to trying to herd cats.

What could be harder than herding cats? Is it even possible to get such independently minded creatures all heading in the same direction? To church leaders dealing with the postmodern mindset of the so-called Generation X and Generation Y, cats might seem well behaved and highly trainable by comparison.

Rusty George and Jeff Krajewski write from experience in suggesting ways to achieve the impossible. Just as cats will do what you want them to if they are sufficiently motivated, there are ways to help postmoderns decide to follow and serve the Lord. Rusty and Jeff tag-team a thorough examination of the problem and suggested solutions, and have also enlisted the help of others in providing case studies in the last two chapters of workable ministries for postmodern "cats."

Herding Cats has 12 chapters and 203 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-873-9



About the Authors

Jeff Krajewski currently serves with the Common Ground Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Previously he served as Minister of Young Adults with the Trader's Point Christian Church in Indianapolis. Jeff graduated from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary with a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministries. He is married to Nicole and they have two adorable children, Tucker and Kezley. Jeff loves to spend time with his family and play golf whenever possible.

Rusty George serves the Southland Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky, working with the weekend postmodern-targeted worship service. Rusty graduated from Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri, with a Bachelors of Theology and Bachelor's of Sacred Literature degrees. he is completing his Master's degree in Theology with Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary. Rusty is married to Lorrie and they live in the Lexington area. He is passionate about basketball, not entirely due to his current location.

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