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Hebrews - NIV

Hebrews - NIV

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College Press NIV Commentary Series is formatted with a verse-by-verse explanation of the text. It was developed for both the scholar and the average Bible student. The College Press NIV Commentary Series is the only full commentary set in print from the Restoration Movement. Each volume (41 volumes for the Old & New Testament) contains the following helpful features:

  • Biblically sound exegesis
  • Clear exposition
  • Objective approach
  • Concise introduction
  • New International Version of the Bible
  • Key word translation
  • Easy to use design format
  • Practical footnotes
  • And more!



The exalted character of the Son of God is the theme and dynamic of this pivotal book of the New Testament. Jesus is the heir of all things; he is Creator and also Reflector of God's glory. He has the stamp of God's nature, he upholds the universe with his power, and he is seated at the right hand of God.

Do you want to understand the work of our Lord? Do you want to see how his qualities shine as the noonday sun? Do you desire to know what he is really like and the magnitude of what he has done, is doing, and what he will bring to pass? Here in the book of Hebrews, these things are clearly viewed.

Jesus is both the fulfillment of the old covenant and the inaugurator of the new covenant. What the covenants mean and how they operate is fundamental to theological clarity. Hebrews is where the old and new covenants are fully discussed.

Two very capable navigators will lead you through the text, pausing to point out the highlights, explaining some of the difficulties, and leading you to a deeper appreciation and understanding of who Jesus is as revealed in the book of Hebrews.

Hebrews has 436 pages.

ISBN 978-0-98800-637-X


Hebrews Introduction & Outline

About the Authors:

Jim Girdwood, PhD, earned degrees in ministry, language, history, and Bible at Great Lakes Christian College and Cincinnati Christian Seminary. He finished his PhD at Hebrew Union College in 1970. Dr. Girdwood has taught at Great Lakes Christian College, Lincoln Christian Seminary, and Ozark Christian College. He is currently teaching at Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, KY.

Peter A. Verkruyse, PhD, currently teaches at Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL. He received his BA in Christian Ministries from Lincoln Christian College, his MA in Homiletics and MDiv in New Testament from Lincoln Christian Seminary, the MA and PhD in Rhetorical Theory and Criticism from the University of Illinois (at Urbana-Champaign).

About the Editors:

Anthony L. Ash, PhD, is professor of Biblical Studies at Abilene Christian University and minister at Minter Lane Church of Christ, Abilene, Texas. Dr. Ash holds the AA from Florida Christian College, the BS from Florida State University, the MA from Abilene Christian University, and the PhD from the University of Southern California. He has authored nine books including commentaries on Luke, Acts (Chapters 1-12), Psalms (with Clyde Miller), and Jeremiah & Lamentations. He has spoken at over 400 meetings and extended lectureships and has also spoken on over 45 college and university campuses.

Jack Cottrell, PhD, is professor of Theology at Cincinnati Bible Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Cottrell holds the AB from Cincinnati Bible Seminary, the AB from the University of Cincinnati, the MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary and the PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has authored nine books including God Most High: What the Bible Says About God the Creator, Ruler, Redeemer; Baptism, A Biblical Study and The Faith Once for All. 


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