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Happy on My Way to Heaven!

Happy on My Way to Heaven!

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We first published this story of Don DeWelt's life in 1989, just two years before he went home to heaven. We sold out of this biographical story many years ago, but recently we discovered a couple of boxes in our warehouse as we are now preparing to move to a new location. The covers are a little bit scuffed, but the content is still wonderful.



This is an autobiography of Don DeWelt.
He was an author, speaker, professor of Bible and homiletics, founder of College Press Publishing Company, and a leader in a unity movement within the Restoration Movement, a network of thousands of American churches.


Book Features

  • Written in a distinct and unique style that is both encouraging and humble in spirit
  • Many photographs throughout the book
  • Appendixes include interesting historical material from the late 19th century and the early 20th century particularly in the Portland, Oregon area
  • Valuable historical background material on the climate and setting for early and mid 20th century Restoration Movement churches both on the west coast and in the Midwest.


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