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Exodus to a Hidden Valley: Thriving in the Midst of the Jungle

Exodus to a Hidden Valley: Thriving in the Midst of the Jungle

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Exodus to a Hidden Valley: Thriving in the Midst of the Jungle is the second volume in a three book set that tells the compelling story of ministry and mission in Southeast Asia. This trilogy is being released in recognition of the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of it all in 1921.

During World War II the Morses and a younger brother helped flyers who crashed while carrying supplies over the 'Hump'. After the war they returned to the United States to study and to marry, and then followed their parents as missionaries.

The Morses were forced out of China by the Communists (their father was imprisoned for fifteen months) and settled in northern Burma in 1950. The families’ work continued with the Lisu and Rawang people in that area.

In 1965, the families had to move to an area to the west of Putao. This book recounts events that were experienced during the six years in that area. They were forced to leave the country in 1972. The author's family and some of his children and other members of the larger family are continuing on in the work in Southeast Asia.

ISBN 978-0-89900-997-1

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Morse Missionary Family Trilogy



  • Dozens of photographs and images depicting the stories that are told
  • Maps orient the reader to locations and important sites



The arresting thing about this book is the manner in which they buckled to with complete confidence in God and their own abilities, a sort of twentieth century Swiss Family Robinson. Knowing the country and the climate and the terrain and the Lisu, I am in awe at their achievement, which is not diminished by the modesty with which this fascinating book has been written.
- Bernard Fergusson, Sunday Times

For a tale of simple, indestructible Christian faith in a great tradition, and for courage in the face of cruel adversity, it would be hard to beat Exodus to a Hidden Valley. These journeys and the well-nigh incredible success story of life in the wilderness, where the family stayed for six years before the Burmese government caught up with them once more, imprisoned and then deported them, form the subject of this impressive record of utterly devoted Christians facing every crisis with a faith in God which must put many comfortable readers to shame.
- Roger L. Roberts, Church Times


About the Author

Eugene Morse was four months old when his parents left Oklahoma, in 1921, to become missionaries in the Himalayas. He lived in Southeast Asia his entire life and lived the events described in this book. His brother Robert was born in Tibet in 1923.

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