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Dogs May Bark, But the Caravan Moves On

Dogs May Bark, But the Caravan Moves On

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This is the real-life story of a very unusual family. It is a family that is dedicated to serving God in a faraway place regardless of the cost. A family that has traveled down difficult trails that many will never travel including trials of hardship, stress and danger. But this is also about a family who has loved like many will never love. Put that with an unquenchable, sacrificial love for a faithful God and for a hurting people in a desolate land. 

This is a story of a country at war, family separation, political uprisings, hostile imprisonment, floods and disease. It vividly illustrates the fact that missionary life is more than just preaching the gospel. Within the pages of this book you will experience their daily struggle of living in a remote region of the world, and their persistence in overcoming any obstacle.

The Dogs May Bark but the Caravan Moves On is the first volume in a three-book set that tells the compelling story of ministry and mission in Southeast Asia. This trilogy has been released in recognition of the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of it all in 1921.


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Morse Missionary Family Trilogy



  • This new edition includes a foreword written by Ziden Nutt, founder of Good News Productions International. This new introduction ties the three book set together and brings the history down to the present day.
  • Dozens of photographs and images depicting the stories that are told
  • Maps orient the reader to locations and important sites



“The outreach of one-hundred years ago truly went from ‘a Mission to a Movement,’ including evangelism, church planting, Bible translation, literature publishing, Bible schools, audio-visual media, agriculture, children’s hostels and deaf ministry. All these areas have shared the goal of fulfilling the great commission to ‘disciple the nations.’”
- Ziden Nutt, founder of Good News Productions International

“I had heard much about Gertrude Morse, first from Isabel Maxey Dittemore, who was their co-worker, and then from Eugene, so when I arrived on the field I stood in awe of her. But as I heard from Gertrude of some of her experiences in the Salween Valley, and learned more about living in an isolated and primitive part of Asia, my awe was replaced with appreciation and affection. I began to realize that the difficulties she had met had been learning experiences, and that God had used them to make her the person that she was, a "tool" in the Master's Hand which He used to accomplish His purposes.”
- Helen Morse, author of Once I was Young


About the Author

Gertrude Morse was the wife of J. Russell Morse. Together they went as missionaries to Southeast Asia in 1921 and began a ministry that eventually expanded to include many countries and thousands of believers.

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