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Creative To Max, Vol 2

Creative To Max, Vol 2

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Having trouble getting your youth group off dead center? Are you looking for more than a "sit down and stare at each other" youth meetings? Build curiosity and a sense of wonder by making crazy things happen at youth group meetings.

Creative to the Max 2 contains fifty-one new ideas, giving resource material for fifty-four sessions. There are ideas for athletics, computers, dramas, "home videos" and food events. Every event closes with an appropriate Bible lesson that will put the word of God into the students' hearts.

New features in Creative to the Max 2:

  1. Cost-rating symbols for activities from low to high cost
  2. Suggested dates to use the outrageous ideas
  3. Warning if extra preparation time is required
  4. Cautions for any safety issues
  5. Needed supplies list

Creative to the Max #2 was written by Todd & Toby Clark and has 167 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-850-X



About the Authors

Todd Clark is on the High School youth staff at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Todd is also the founder of Youth Ministry Stuff Ltd., an organization founded to provide today's youth with current, relevant, dynamic, outstanding, exciting, usable ideas and materials. Todd is married to a beautiful young lady named René and has a daughter named Ruby.

Toby Clark graduated from Pacific Christian College with a Church Growth degree, with an emphasis in Youth Ministry. He is currently on staff at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. He is 25 years old and is married to a beautiful wife, Chris, and has two Labrador Retrievers named Neka and Dakoda.

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