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Come To The Table: 52 Meditations for the Lord's Supper

Come To The Table: 52 Meditations for the Lord's Supper

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This book contains 52 meditations for the observation of the Lord’s Supper.

Written jointly by two authors from different fields of ministry, Allen and Kaufman present a balanced and thoughtful approach to an important component of Sunday morning worship. Allen approaches the subject matter with the energy of a worship leader, while Kaufman shows the kind of contemplative and reflective insights that come from his world of teaching and counseling. Together the two elements bring life to what can be a challenging moment each Sunday and seeks to maintain the freshness and the mystery of meeting our Lord at His table.

Often the prelude to communion is repetitive or lacks creative and meditative thought. Come to the Table was written to help orient your thoughts and offer ideas in order to promote a reflective time of self-evaluation.

Worship with Greg Allen and Dennis Kaufman as you read their offering of a full year of communion meditations that will serve as nourishment for the hungering spirit.

Come To The Table has 52 chapters and 111 pages.

ISBN #978-0-89900-938-4




Each of the 52 meditations:

  • Can be stand-alone communion meditations or a base for developing one’s own thoughts
  • Have Scripture references
  • Include a suggested prayer that flows the thoughts presented
  • Are brief, ranging from 1 – 1 ½ pages

Some of the 52 meditations are written with a particular day of the year in mind. For example, “They presented to Him Gifts” is for the Christmas season, “Ground Zero” is with 9/11 in mind, and “Monday Through Saturday Worship” is for the weekend of Labor Day.



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"Very good meditation book. I've already used a couple meditations from this book and like the way the author tells a story and comes back to the real truth of why we eat and drink at the table." - Steve Garman (Amazon Review)


About the Authors

Greg Allen serves as Campus Pastor for the Crestwood Campus of Southeast Christian Church in Crestwood, Kentucky. Greg has also served as Worship Leader for Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dennis Kaufman serves as an elder at the Okolona Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky and has also served as Counseling Minister and Director at Southeast Christian Community Counseling Center at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

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