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Christianity Stands True

Christianity Stands True

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Do we have good evidence for believing that Christianity is true?

A skeptic taunted a Christian, "Believers are touchy and offended when asked if they believe in Christianity because the awkward truth is that they have no reason, they just feel like believing."

But we do have good evidence for believing that Christianity is true! Faith is trust based on sufficient evidence!

Christianity Stands True, A Common Sense Look at the Evidence presents evidences which support the truth of Christianity. Anyone honestly seeking the truth will learn the basics of the Christian faith. Any Christian reading this book will have their confidence strengthened that Christianity is true.

Christianity Stands True has 10 chapters and 174 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-947-6


About the Author

Lynn Gardner, EdD, earned a BTh from Ozark Christian college, a BA from California State College, an MA from Wheaton Graduate School and Earned his EdD from the University of Arkansas.  He taught apologetics for forty years in Bible colleges, serving eighteen years as academic dean at Ozark Christian College.

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