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Bible Prophecy and End Times - CD

Bible Prophecy and End Times - CD

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Listen along to Dr. Jack Cottrell's twelve-part sermon series about Bible prophecy and End Times.

This audio book will be provided to you on a CD that you can listen to as you study along in the Scriptures. Let this resource grow your understanding about these important biblical topics.

Vol 1, Sermons 1-6

  • The Four Heavens
  • The Kingdom of God has come
  • The Millennium is now!
  • Israel in Prophecy
  • Are We Headin' for Armageddon?
  • The second coming of Christ

Vol 2, Sermons 7-12

  • The Other Side of Death
  • The Resurrection from the Dead
  • What Is the Rapture?
  • The Final Judgment
  • What About Hell?
  • What About Heaven?



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About the Author

Dr. Jack Cottrell is Professor of Theology at Cincinnati Christian University. He received his BA, ThB, Cincinnati Bible College & University; BA, University of Cincinnati; MDiv, Westminister Theological Seminary; PhD, Princeton Theological.

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