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A Shepherd’s Guide to Counseling Fundamentals

A Shepherd’s Guide to Counseling Fundamentals

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A Shepherd’s Guide to Counseling Fundamentals was written to help equip ministers to respond to the counseling needs of the members of the congregation in a godly and effective manner. While individuals frequently seek out ministers to assist with counseling issues, many ministers have limited training about counseling strategies and techniques.

The purpose of this book is to provide a brief overview of the counseling process and the different types of counseling interventions. It is intended to be an introduction to counseling for ministers rather than focusing on techniques or strategies.

Included is a glossary at the end of the book that provides a listing of terms used in this book and additional terms that are commonly used in counseling to help the reader learn the language of counseling.

A Shepherds Guide to Counseling Fundamentals has 8 chapters and 95 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-694-9


About the Author

Beth Robinson teaches at Lubbock Christian University in Lubbock, Texas, where she leads the Department of Behavioral Sciences. She is a licensed professional counselor, an approved supervisor for licensed professional counselors, and a certified school counselor.

Beth received her EdD from Texas Tech University, MEd from West Texas State University, and a BSE from Oklahoma Christian University.  Her simple yet engaging writing style make this an excellent resource for any ministry professional in need of a quick reference guide.

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