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Twins' Adventures in India

Twins' Adventures in India

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This book chronicles the adventures of Janice and Faye Rostvit, who are identical twins, as they travel on seven different journeys to India between 1971 and 1999. Each of these journeys lasted between two and four months in length and were filled with travels throughout the cities and villages of India.

Gleaning from their travel journals and correspondence, these pages contain both the humorous incidents as well as moments of true danger as these sisters sing and teach their way into the hearts of thousands of Indian Christians and those seeking to know the Savior.

This is the third book in a series. The first two books were “Twin Reflections: International Singers Reflect on God’s Providential Care” and “Twins’ Adventures in Africa.”


This book is available in 2 formats. The large option is 8.5" x 11" and has color photos. The smaller version has black and white photos.




  • Dozens of photographs
  • Maps that trace out their journeys
  • Glossary of all missionaries with whom they visited
  • A full list of the languages in which the Rostvit twins have sung in their travels in India
  • A complete outline of the Rostvit sisters’ travels between 1968 and 2019




“’Will we face persecution?’ While we were standing on the platform and signing at Sunday’s service, our eyes took in the scene just outside the door. A police car pulled up. An officer got out, came into the church and sat down. Two more Jeeps filled with armed guards also stopped and their officers got out, rifles in hand. A third Jeep stayed back by the gate of the compound. With reports we had heard of Christians being persecuted, and of churches being burned, we both wondered if we would be martyred while singing.

Surprisingly, we weren’t afraid and it was easy enough to keep singing the Hindi songs that we knew well. We thought, ‘If we are to die, it will be an honor.’ But the service kept going, and the persecution never came. WE learned that the policeman who came in and sat down was the chief of police who was a Christian. He, who had many armed guards, attended the service every Sunday."



About the Authors

Janice and Faye Rostvit are from Colorado Springs, Colorado and they have travelled internationally for over 50 years, singing in nearly 100 countries in more than 120 languages. Their desire is to evangelize the lost and to encourage those who are disciples of Jesus to be faithful in their places of ministry.

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