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Resurrection Vol 2: Heart of the Christian Life - Backordered!

Resurrection Vol 2: Heart of the Christian Life - Backordered!

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With an emphasis on the Christian life, The Resurrection Volume 2 unpacks some of the more difficult issues of life, specifically how the Resurrection of Jesus impacts those areas that are such a struggle for many:

  1. Evangelism
  2. Christian Doubt
  3. Grief
  4. Suffering and Pain
  5. Daily Power and Praise
  6. Fear of Death Among Others

Jesus meets the questioning heart with the power of new life and the inescapable conclusion that we were created for more than this life.

Habermas speaks of resurrection from the perspective of someone that has suffered painful personal loss, something that he discusses in the text. His words are more than another study, but they reflect his own personal journey. Here in volume two, the author digs deeply into the heart of the matter with respect to life, death and true Christian hope.

The Resurrection Vol. 2 has 7 Chapters and 144 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-843-7




  • Though an excellent individual study, the seven chapters are easily used for group study
  • Important notes for a deeper academic study
  • Suggested readings for further investigation of the themes developed within that part of the study
  • 5 - 6 reflection questions that contribute to group discussion or to personal consideration
  • Practical application sections for promoting deeper thought and interaction
  • A “consider this” thought that focuses the study with an important teaching that forms a bridge to the next chapter or lesson



The topic of Jesus’ resurrection is … interwoven throughout the New Testament with living various aspects of the Christian life. It is given the job of going up against the really big problems in life, too. The resurrection is used to encourage doubting believers, as well as those suffering grief because they have already lost a loved one to death. It even comforted those who were undergoing pain and suffering of various other sorts, including persecution for their faith. 

Further, the resurrection also provided daily power to Christians for the purpose of overcoming sin and living the Christian life. Praise and worship were directed to the risen Jesus. This event is also the chief reason that we should be totally committed to God. 

Finally, the resurrection of Jesus is used in the New Testament to address the believer’s fear of death. If this anxiety is the greatest of all, as many would tell us, then we will really get a chance to see if the truth of this event can be applied in some of the toughest circumstances of life.” (p. 10)


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About the Author

Dr. Gary R. Habermas is Distinguished Research Professor and chair of the Department of Philosophy at Liberty University. He also teaches in the Ph.D. program in theology and apologetics at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He earned the Ph.D. at Michigan State University and the M.A. from the University of Detroit.

He has authored, coauthored, or edited thirty-nine books and contributed more than sixty-five chapters or articles to other books. He has also written well over one hundred articles and reviews for journals and other publications. While his chief areas of research (and the topic of twenty of his books) are issues related to Jesus' resurrection, he has also published frequently on the afterlife, near death experiences, as well as the subjects of suffering and religious doubt.

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