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Systems-Sensitive Leadership

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Ministry today is more complex than it ever has been. Ministers spend an increasing amount of time clearing up the confusion and resolving conflict within the congregation. We are going through a period of history when change and complexity seem to feed on one another. We change in order to deal with complexity, but change only makes things more complex. No wonder we end up confused and conflict is on the rise. Confused people often end up at odds with one another over what direction to take.

When pressed to identify the source of this problem, leaders offer a surprisingly consistent answer. The primary culprit, most say, is diversity: too many people with too many different ideas about how things ought to be done. With personal tastes so varied is it any wonder that we disagree on how to "do church"?

Systems-Sensitive Leadership does not propose simple or surefire solutions. But it does offer an intriguing way to manage congregational life through "systems-sensitive leadership."

Systems-Sensitive Leadership has 30 chapters and 313 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-814-1




"Here is a groundbreaking resource to help church leaders understand the sources of congregational conflict. Equally valuable are the practical strategies offered for building healthy and harmonious congregations in a time when churches are rapidly growing in diversity."

 - John W. Ellas, D.Min. Director, Center for Church Growth

"Churches throughout America face unprecedented challenges as they encounter increased diversity, the pressure for change and the reality of acute conflict. Systems-Sensitive Leadership is a welcome resource for those navigating today's uncertain waters. It provides a thoughtful, methodical approach to analyzing the conflict of the church, circumstances of the church, and wise counsel for influencing its future. Those who lead the church, those who serve the church, and those who love the church will be informed and blessed by this important work."

 - Professor L. Randolph Lowry, Director, Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law


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Michael C. Armour and Don Browning

Dr. Michael C. Armour has over 40 years of ministry experience and is currently the president of Easter European Mission. He also is the president of Strategic Leadership Development International. He has served as a college president and is a retired naval reserve captain in the field of intelligence. He holds a PhD from UCLA in the intellectual and cultural history of Europe, with a specialization in the Protestant Reformation.

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