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Next Generation - Understanding & Meeting the Needs of Generation X

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Generation X-the leaders of the church in the 21st century- are an exciting, gifted, and energetic group of men and women. The challenge is to uncover this "hidden treasure" and present the gospel using a method that communicates directly to their needs

Generation X has been called the least wanted generation of all time. Things such as abortion and “the pill” have limited their numbers. Dr. Gary Zustiak puts a spin on the “X” factor (an unknown quantity). If this generation will find their value in Christ, they could accomplish great things for God.

Next Generation has 11 chapters and 253 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-763-5




"Personally, I have not read anything about Generation X that is as insightful, frank and compelling. Whether you are a grandparent, parent, Christian leader, teacher, or youth worker, you will be better educated and equipped to both discern and minister to the needs of the neXt generation. Dr. Zustiak excels as a popular level communicator. His writing, like his clear and relevant. Few books are as well documented and well illustrated."

 - Ken Idleman, President, Ozark Christian College

"The NeXt Generation, will take you on a fascinating journey. Gary carefully lays the foundation, both historically and philosophically, that shaped Generation X. However, this is not a dry, cold discourse of useless, trivial information. This book gives the reader a new understanding and empathy of the people who make up Generation X. Gary moves beyond labeling this generation born between 1961-1981 and in a sensitive, caring manner gives us a firsthand glimpse into their lives... Throughout the book are practical ways to effectively minister to this unique generation. This book is extremely helpful and I highly recommend it."

 - Les J. Christie, Chairman of the Youth Ministry Department, San Jose Christian College


About the Author

Gary Zustiak has served as the Director of Youth Ministries and Resources for Christ in Youth, as Professor of Youth Ministry and Psychology at Ozark Christian College, Associate Minister in Sandpoint, Idaho, Preaching Minister in Broadwell, Illinois, and Youth Minister in Farmer City, Illinois and Emmett Idaho.

Dr. Zustiak received the BA from Boise Bible College, MA in Pastoral Care and Counseling and MDiv in Christian Ministry from Lincoln Christian Seminary, and DMin in Marriage and Family from Abilene Christian University.

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