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Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously: Kite Flying Lessons from Ecclesiastes

Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously: Kite Flying Lessons from Ecclesiastes

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Using the book of Ecclesiastes as a foundation, this book explores some of the deeper questions of life and faith. However, it is not some dry and dusty tone. It is a delightfully written, practical, and encouraging study. Within the covers of this book you will find insight and inspiration for your life journey. 


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“‘If Only’ thinking leads us to seek our happiness in external things and circumstances over which we often have little control. And waiting to get those things makes us feel helpless, like our happiness is in the hands of fate. But happiness is not out of your control. You can have a constant state of happiness or what is often called ‘joy’.” (p. 14)

“Solomon’s lament is not that life itself is meaningless. He understands it to have meaning, but he wants to liberate us from the futility of trying to chase after meaning in these limited, under-the-sun things.” (p. 77)



"You will be encouraged by this book!  It's tempting to consider Ecclesiastes a sad and pessimistic part of God's Word, but Mandy Smith helps us see Solomon's melancholy musings in a positive light.  Ecclesiastes isn't meant to discourage us, but to free us from the illusion that we can find lasting joy anywhere but in God Himself."

David Faust  ~  President, Cincinnati Christian University

"The breezy title of this serious book gives a clue to the joy readers will discover in its pages.  The book examines core issues that are a part of every life:  How do I find happiness?  What is the worth of my work?  How should I feel about money or learning?  How important is my self-image?  But the treatment of these topics is anything but usual!  The writer combines a lighthearted look at life with a serious consideration of biblical truth.  The result is a study book perfect for personal reflection or group discussion.  Everyone who reads this book will find ways to apply its points in everyday life this week!"
Mark A. Taylor, Publisher and Editor, Christian Standard

"The biggest questions are still the oldest ones: Where do I find meaning? What produces authentic joy? How do I live well and wisely in light of my finitude? Every once in a while someone raises these questions in a fresh, light-giving way. This is Mandy Smith's gift to us."

John Ortberg, Best-Selling Author


"Do you ever find yourself unable to enjoy the present because you are working toward a "perfect" future?  Do you ever find yourself over-committed and, as a result, constantly stressed because of the pressures in your life?  Does that unrelenting pressure rob you of your joy?  If so, then this book is for you!  In a clear and easy-to-follow style, Mandy Smith shares some helpful, down-to-earth insights gleaned from the book of Ecclesiastes.  I found myself reading with a pencil in hand, marking passages for further thought and reflection."

Kay Moll, Christian Speaker and Writer


Life is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously has 10 chapters and 120 pages

ISBN 978-0-89900-497-0


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