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Biblical Sexual Ethics Bundle

Biblical Sexual Ethics Bundle

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Get these two Rubel Shelly books that explore gender and sexuality from a biblical perspective for a limited time price! 


The Ink Is Dry: God's Distinctive Word on Marriage, Family, and Sexual Responsibility

ISBN: 978-0-89900-104-3 (paperback)

This book is for people seeking to understand what the Bible says to Christians of every generation and cultural placement about marriage, family, and sexual responsibility.

This book is not a political appeal to bind Christian morality through law. It is an appeal, instead, for Christians to live the distinctive life to which God has called us in Christ Jesus.

Paul's rhetorical question in 1 Corinthians 5:12 still rings in our ears: "While we are not responsible for what outsiders to the faith may do with their lives, do we not have a duty to those people who are members of our congregations of believers?"

The ink is dry on the critical issue of what Christians are to regard as marriage. The ink is dry on the fidelity Christian husbands and wives are expected to exhibit toward each other. Equally, the ink is dry on the present-day disputes around same-sex behaviors. With love and respect for those in our culture who adopt and live to other standards, the norm for Christian behavior is fixed within a tradition that is more than 3,000 years old.

While denouncing homophobia and verbal or physical abuse against the LGBTQ+ community, Shelly makes a cogent case from Scripture, history, and reason for Christians to honor God's design for sex and marriage.

Male and Female God Created Them: A Biblical Review of LGBTQ+ Claims

ISBN: 978-0-89900-051-0 (paperback)

"In our world today, there is so much confusion and pain associated with the tender matters of our bodies and sexuality. There’s also no shortage of complexity and nuance which makes such things all the more daunting to address today in communities of faith, not to mention the public arena in general.

We’re in desperate need of trustworthy conversation-partners when it comes to processing the teachings of Jesus and the rest of Scripture in regard to these matters. In more than 30 years of full-time ministry, I’ve not found a resource more helpful in these matters than Dr. Rubel Shelly’s book.

Its stunning in its thorough assessment of the pertinent Scriptures in their context. It’s insightful in its assessment of the various cultural narratives in which all of us are swimming today. It’s preeminently gracious and practical when it comes to suggesting ways to move forward. I’m so thankful to have it as a resource. I believe you will, too."
- Chris Seidman, Lead Minister at The Branch Church in Dallas, Texas
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