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Good as New Baptism Study Set

Good as New Baptism Study Set

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Baptism is an important decision and step of faith for our young people. Before making this decision, young people must understand the importance and implications of baptism on their daily life. Prepare yourself to guide them and prepare them to make this decision using this valuable study set.

With these leader and student books, you both can study together and learn what the scriptures say about baptism. These books will equip you to discuss the meaning and impact of baptism while guiding young people to maturely follow Jesus through baptism.


Good as New – Leader’s Guide

This easy-to-follow guide will explain the reason for becoming a Christian and encourage children to make that commitment. Teachers, parents, and even older siblings will be able to help a child understand what it means to become a member of the family of God by using this resource.

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Good as New – Student Guide

"Dad, Mom, I think I want to be baptized..."

Wonderful words. Are you ready with the answers?

Games, object lessons, word pictures and simple activities make for a winning combination. Timely guidance for parents to help with the first steps on the most important journey of life...becoming Good As New!

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