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Finish-Line Faith

Finish-Line Faith

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If the Christian life is a race, have you ever felt like quitting?

Timothy did.

This young minister was in trouble under fire and overwhelmed.

Paul, while being imprisoned and facing his own execution for the cause of Christ issues Timothy essentially one charge:  DON’T QUIT!  Be faithful. Persevere. Endure, Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Keep running. Stay on the track! Finish strong!

In his last known letter, Paul is forging in Timothy a finish-line faith.

We can use this letter to Timothy to shape that kind of resilient faith in our own lives. God doesn’t remove hardship from our lives, but in 2 Timothy, He provides the wisdom needed to overcome hardship. These words gave new strength to Timothy’s faltering faith, and they will shoot adrenaline through your weary soul. 

In this readable study, Matt Proctor weaves Biblical teaching with practical principles.  As we eavesdrop on Paul’s advice to his beloved son in faith, we too will develop finish-line faith. Like a track coach encouraging his athletes, Proctor urges his readers to remember the importance of our mission, and to rely on God’s strengthening grace to finish strong.

Finish Line Faith has 12 chapters and 233 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-563-8



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“As you study 2 Timothy, I think you’ll find new hope surging through your soul as well. When you feel like quitting the Christian life, this letter will send spiritual strength coursing through your veins.

It will equip you with finish-line faith.


In the course of the four chapters of 2 Timothy, Paul will give instructions on how to go on when you feel like giving in—things like: remembering your heritage, meditating on the gospel, nourishing yourself on Scripture and cultivating real community. I think you’ll find his words to be straightforward, practical, and Spirit-inspired. They are exactly the diving encouragement a discouraged disciple needs.” (p. 25).


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About the Author

Matt Proctor has served as youth minister, preaching minister, Bible college professor and now is president of Ozark Christian College. His writing includes two books, Finish-Line Faith and Victorious, and he serves as contributing editor for Christian Standard magazine as well as president of the 2013 North American Christian Convention. He enjoys reading, cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals, and traveling widely to preach about Jesus. 

Matt is especially grateful to God for his wife Katie and their six children -- Luke, Lydia, Clara, Carl, Conrad and Caroline.

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