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False gods Apologetics Bundle

False gods Apologetics Bundle

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Whether it's alternative religions or self-worship, those false gods will crumble under the truth of Scripture. Use these books to build your knowledge of the false gods in our world today and how to overcome them with biblical and philosophical truth.


Ships Without Rudders

Postmodern relativism, idolatrous self-worship, and “you-be-you” concepts are seeping into many churches, replacing the firm foundation of God’s Word. They are forgetting that God does not change. Therefore, it is time for a Bible Revival.

Ships Without Rudders teaches readers how to maintain an appropriate balance of
truth and love in a post-Christian society. It presents an honest, courageous, common-sense approach for applying Scripture to the most difficult realities of Western culture, answering questions such as:

  • How has forsaking truth contributed to the decline of the family and society?
  • Who is the real Jesus?
  • How is biblical inspiration best described in a scientific, post-Christian world?
  • Should the Church unhitch from the Old Testament?
  • Does hell exist?
  • What is true biblical grace compared to false hyper-grace?
  • Is persecution coming to God’s faithful? If so, how can church leaders prepare their members for hardship?

Three chapters and an appendix deal with how the Church should react to LGBTQ individuals, and the LGBTQ Movement.

  • How can we have a healthy and helpful conversation together?
  • What will be the unintended consequences of legal gay marriage?

Let this book start a Bible revival in your life, your church, and your community as we strive to stay on the path that our unchanging God has set for us.

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See the gods Fall: Four Rivals to Christianity

Why is traditional biblical refutation failing to convince those who reject traditional Christianity? Is there another way to reach people in New Age, Secular Humanism, Baha'ism and Mormonism? Would it surprise you to know that these religions crumble under the weight of their own contradictory belief systems?

"Beckwith and Parrish have given us the most rigorous, philosophically sophisticated response to key rivals to Christianity currently available. They have accomplished this while writing in a style that remains accessible to a general reader."
- Dr. J.P. Moreland, Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

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