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El Cielo ¡lugar de maravillas! por Kenny Boles (Heaven, What a Wonderful Place!)

El Cielo ¡lugar de maravillas! por Kenny Boles (Heaven, What a Wonderful Place!)

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Overview - Spanish

Kenny Boles estudió el destino final del pueblo de Dios. Y luego escribió sus pensamientos. Como profesor en la Universidad Bíblica Ozark (Ozark Christian College) que enseña el griego bíblico por más de 30 años, él es un maestro preciso. Como hombre quien razona y tiene una imaginación santificada, es un maestro que inspira. Como predicador experimentado, es uno que anuncia buenas nuevas y espera que sus oyentes se comprometan con el Señor. Vea usted que la eternidad de los hijos de Dios no será aburrida—¡de ninguna manera!
8 lecciones con preguntas para grupos pequeños.

74 páginas 
Sale: $6.50
ISBN: 978-1-930992-11-5 

Overview - English

Is it wrong to speculate on heaven? Some wild and weird ideas have come about because of ideas that are not rooted in the nature and character of God. However the author of this studies argues that even though people can be falsely led in the subject of heaven, it may be worse to never think about it at all. In our fear of teaching an incorrect picture of heaven, sometimes we end up with no picture and heaven becomes, in a sense, an ‘empty address.’

Everyone has questions about the life hereafter. Questions such as these: Will our bodies have substance or will they be spirit? Will we experience our life in heaven with our five senses? Will we want to meet those that ‘have gone before?’ Will we know one another? Will there be time in heaven? If so, how will it work? If not, then what? What do the images of heaven given in Scripture mean? Are they metaphorical? Are they literal?

Instead of focusing on what will be ‘missing’ in heaven, the author leads the reader into a deep discussion of God’s nature and His clear intentions for His creation. “God is creative, intelligent, socially interactive, and loving. Far more than anything in the animal world, humans are also like this. God made us this way… for heaven.” (p. 49)

Boles does a wonderful job of looking carefully at the natural questions that arise regarding the hereafter and seeks to answer them from a Scriptural, helpful and sensitive perspective.

Heaven has 8 chapters and 69 pages.

Sale: $6.50
ISBN: 978-1-930992-11-5 


This book is organized into eight logical chapters that are perfectly set up for small group discussion. Chapter topics include:

  1. Does Heaven exist?
  2. Who Will Be in Heaven?
  3. Will We Have Real Bodies and Walk on Real Streets of Gold?
  4. Will Our Bodies Have All Five Senses?
  5. What Will Not Be in Heaven?
  6. What Will Do with All That Time?
  7. Will God Still Be Invisible?
  8. When Does It All Begin?

Each chapter includes between six and nine discussion questions to facilitate small group interaction and suggestions of other Scriptures for pursuing further the subject at hand.

About the Author

Kenny Boles is teaching as an adjunct professor after 35 years in the classroom teaching Greek and New Testament at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri. He has written four other books for College Press.

A popular writer and speaker, Kenny is a graduate of Ozark Christian College and Abilene Christian University. He has held located ministries in Tyro, Kansas and Abilene, Texas.

Kenny’s wife, Linda, is also a graduate from Ozark Christian College. Kenny and Linda have two children: Leigh Ann Johnson, whose husband Jeff is a youth minister in Kansas City; and Eric Boles, a graduate of OCC and Yale Divinity School. Their first grandchild, Sydney Grace Johnson, was born in July, 1998.

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