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Church Member Engagement Set

Church Member Engagement Set

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The process of discipleship requires both drawing people to Christ and helping them stay engaged with Christ through their daily lives. In today’s churches, it’s easy to become too focused on church programs and lose sight of the most essential cornerstone of the church – Christ.

Use these books to regain your focus on using Christ to attract people, and in doing so, helping them stay engaged with Christ as they follow Him.


People Magnet Church

Extremely practical and easy to read, Darren Walter offers a multitude of suggestions on making a church a people magnet.

Walter calls us to lift up the cross in the lost world and watch as people are drawn to the magnetic love, truth, and grace of Jesus Christ. The message the church carries will forever remain unchanged, while our method in presenting this good news must adapt to fit the current culture. These two combine to form the mission of any church that is committed to becoming a people magnet in its world.

By being intentional about the type of church we want to be, we will communicate to the world around us that we are passionate about the God we serve. In turn, God himself will draw people to His church. Becoming a people-magnet church does not sacrifice the integrity of the church or its message; rather it allows us to become more like our Savior who was and is the ultimate people magnet.

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About the Author

Darren Walter is currently the Guest Services Minister at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Southeast averages over 14,000 in attendance each weekend and continues to grow with God's blessing. The Guest Services Ministry is made up of more than 1,400 volunteers actively serving in the Greeter, Usher, Communion Preparation and Serving, Section Host, Welcome Center, Tour Guide and Guest Reception Ministries.

In additional to his ministry at Southeast, Darren enjoys presenting seminars and training sessions at churches around the country, on various subjects including becoming a visitor-friendly church.


Making Your Church A Place to Serve

The statistics are staggering. Thom Rainer in his book High Expectations found that if members of a church only attend worship services, only 16% will still be attending in five years. If however they become an active part of a Sunday School, that percentage goes up to 83%.

Southeast Christian Church does not claim to have all the answers, and this is not a magic book of formulas, plans, programs, or gimmicks. Rather it defines a process toward inviting people to an intimate relationship with God.

Don Waddel's book Making Your Church a Place to Serve describes the process of fully assimilating new members into your congregation so they become contributing members instead of spectators.

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About the Author

Don Waddell is Involvement Minister at Southeast Christian Church, one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America today. In this position he is responsible for assimilating and involving the approximately 2,000 new members who join Southeast each year.

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