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Baptism: Why Wait?

Baptism: Why Wait?

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Dr. Rees Bryant has written a clear exposition of the relationship between baptism and conversion. As one reader has said "It is readable, practical, and biblical." Anyone wanting to have a solid study of the issue of baptism will find this resource invaluable.

Baptism, Why Wait? has 7 chapters and 224 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-858-5




“It is a major purpose of this work to consider whether baptism had a role in Pauline theology of conversion and, if so, to consider what that role was. It is also an important purpose of this book to determine whether baptism should be regarded as a part of conversion to Christ today or whether it should take place only after the new believer’s conversion and a subsequent delay for the further instruction, acceptance of a church’s creedal statement, or an ecclesiastical examination of a candidate’s motives.” (p. 24).


“Although the topics of this study are admittedly controversial among modern theologians and mission theorists, this word has addressed such questions as the following relative to the role of baptism in Pauline theology of conversion:

(1) Was baptism a part of conversion or did conversion come first and baptism later?

(2) Was baptism a part of saving faith?

(3) If baptism had a place in conversion, what was its role?

(4) Was baptism merely symbolic or a previously completed conversion?

(5) Was baptism a sacrament?

(6) Was baptism merely an external rite which could be delayed for various reasons?” (p. 183)



"In this book Baptism: Why Wait? Dr. Rees Bryant has made a valuable contribution to the exposition of Paul on baptism in his letters. It is a clear exposition of the relationship between baptism and conversion. The author has spent a long time in this field and has produced a very careful study into the meaning of baptism. . . . This will be an excellent book to put into the hands of students, pastors and laymen, who will be very grateful to have such a lucid work on their bookshelves. It will not only clarify what baptism is, but they will be able to preach its meaning."
G.R. Beasley-Murray, PhD
East Sussex, England

"Readable, practical, and biblical! I highly recommend this book by Dr. Bryant. It addresses a topic of critical importance in the church today, and does so with competence and without compromise."
Jack Cottrell, PhD
Cincinnati Bible Seminary

"Rees Bryant places a wholesome emphasis on the place of baptism in conversion and urges that penitent believers be baptized without delaying; for additional programs of instruction. . . . his case for the essentiality of baptism is unanswerable. Many counter arguments are kindly refuted. In our time when baptismal teaching is being neglected, Bryant's study places a wholesome emphasis."
Jack P. Lewis, PhD
Harding Graduate School of Religion

"Repentance and baptism cannot be separated if we are true to the apostolic faith. Baptism is the outward testimony of the human acceptance of the gift of divine grace. It must he kept as a sacramental act that unites the finite sinner with an infinite and forgiving God. As such baptism cannot become a ploy, a reward, a rite of self-gratification or a superficial symbol of church membership."
Dean S. Gilliland, PhD
Fuller Theological Seminar


About the Author

Rees Bryant was a professor at Lincoln Christian Seminary in Lincoln, IL.  He has taught Bible at Lubbock Christian University, and as adjunct professor at Pepperdine University.  Dr. Bryant earned his DMiss from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He received his MA in New Testament and BA in English Literature from Harding University.

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