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Acts, Romans, and Revelation NIV Commentary Bundle

Acts, Romans, and Revelation NIV Commentary Bundle

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Use these NIV commentaries to up your game in studying the Scriptures. You’ll also enjoy a special price when you buy all three together.


Acts NIV Commentary

Mark Moore

In addition to continuing a high level of scholarship, Mark has incorporated internet links to Google Earth Geo Tags, Artwork, Photos, and additional primary sources. Still written in an easy to understand and highly useful way, it will certainly be a valuable tool in the hands of ministers, teachers and students alike.

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Romans NIV Commentary

Jack Cottrell
While studying the theology from Romans, this commentary is also concerned about the theology that comes to Romans from the rest of Scripture. Dr. Cottrell writes from the unique perspective of one who has long been a part of the Restoration Movement.

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Revelation NIV Commentary

Christopher Davis
Dr. Davis places Revelation in its historical, cultural, and literary setting, showing how the book would have been understood by the Christians for whom it was written. He bases his interpretation of Revelation on objective evidence, rather than on subjective speculation.

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