Proposal Checklist

College Press Publishing looks forward to reviewing your book proposal. Before your submit your proposal, please check () to ensure it includes all the applicable items below.
Does this proposal contain these basic elements?
____Cover letter with return address and/or e-mail address
____Vita or resume
____A sample chapter or two
____Outline of the book proposed or table of contents
____Appropriate postage if material is to be returned
Does this proposal contain the following?
____Working Title/Subtitle
____Stated purpose of proposed book
____Basic description of the work
____Author / Contributor Background
____Book Annotated Outline
____Description of its target audience and potential uses
____Tell why the book idea is unique and how it meets a need that others do not
____Tell why the idea is particularly suitable for College Press Publishing
____Indication that permission for using copyrighted materials has or will be obtained
____Names of noted experts or others who could endorse the proposal
____Timetable for Completion
____Author has a copy of what was sent to College Press (Can CP destroy it if rejected? – if not, be sure to include a SASE.)

Thank you for your interest in partnering with College Press Publishing!

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