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Educate and engage Bible students of all ages with College Press' Bible-In-Life curriculum. With our curriculum, you'll:

  1. Save time from brainstorming and developing your own lesson plans
  2. Get turnkey lessons, activities, and take-home materials
  3. Be confident of the doctrinally sound topics
  4. Feel equipped to meet the interests of each age group



All samples below are previews of the material available for sale. 

Bible-In-Life Scope and Sequence chart


Videos & Video Connection Guides

Make your lessons more engaging by showing videos to your Pre-School and Elementary students. These short videos will help students put Bible lessons into every day practice. Teachers will also have Video Connection Guides to help them introduce the videos as part of the lesson.


Family Devotion Guides

Distribute Family Devotion Guides to keep students focused on their lessons throughout the week. Designed for Pre-School, Early Elementary and Upper Elementary students, the Family Devotion Guides include:

  1. Devotional Videos to Watch Together
  2. Scripture References
  3. Outline of Discussion Topics
  4. Sample Prayers


Toddler 18 - 36 months

 Starting Steps (Craft/Take-Home)   Teacher's Guide


Pre-School  3 years - Pre-Kindergarten 

My Sunday Pictures (Take Home) Teacher's Guide
Make It/Take It (Craft Book) Video Connection Guide
Family Devotion Guide


Early Elementary  Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Bible Beginnings (Student Book) Teacher's Guide  
Make It/Take It (Craft Book)  Video Connection Guide
Storytime (Take Home) Family Devotion Guide


Elementary  2nd & 3rd Grade

Bible Discoveries (Student Book) Teacher's Guide
Discovery Pack (Craft Book) Video Connection Guide
Friends (Take Home) Family Devotion Guide


Upper Elementary  4th & 5th Grade


Middle School  6th - 8th Grade

 Student Book Teacher's Guide



High School  9th - 12th Grade

Blueprint (Student Magazine)



Student Book


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