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Ships Without Rudders

Ships Without Rudders

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Postmodern relativism, idolatrous self-worship, and “you-be-you” concepts are seeping into many churches, replacing the firm foundation of God’s Word. They are forgetting that God does not change. Therefore, it is time for a Bible Revival.

Ships Without Rudders teaches readers how to maintain an appropriate balance of
truth and love in a post-Christian society. It presents an honest, courageous, common-sense approach for applying Scripture to the most difficult realities of Western culture, answering questions such as:

  • How has forsaking truth contributed to the decline of the family and society?
  • Who is the real Jesus?
  • How is biblical inspiration best described in a scientific, post-Christian world?
  • Should the Church unhitch from the Old Testament?
  • Does hell exist?
  • What is true biblical grace compared to false hyper-grace?
  • Is persecution coming to God’s faithful? If so, how can church leaders prepare their members for hardship?

Three chapters and an appendix deal with how the Church should react to LGBTQ individuals, and the LGBTQ Movement.

  • How can we have a healthy and helpful conversation together?
  • What will be the unintended consequences of legal gay marriage?

Let this book start a Bible revival in your life, your church, and your community as we strive to stay on the path that our unchanging God has set for us.

ISBN 978-0-89900-546-1

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“The Bible should steer the church just as a rudder steers a ship. Churches that no longer follow the Bible are like ships without rudders, unable to navigate the ship on a safe path. This book will build trust in our captain (the only unchanging God), as well as confidence in the ship’s helm and rudder (the Bible), to direct the church through uncharted waters.” (p. 1)

“The greatest problem of the Church today is not legalism, apathy, quenching the Spirit, or a lack of love, service, giving, or creativity. These issues are minor compared to the greatest issue. The greatest problem today is a lack of respect for the Holy Bible as the authoritative Word of God and as our only firm foundation for truth.” (p. 47)



“Wow! This is a timely and much-needed book. I found myself resonating with the insights on every page. Churches are at a critical crossroads, and there is, unfortunately, a plague of cultural Christianity. Returning to the ‘real’ Jesus is the most vital issue we face in the 21st century.”
Ken Idleman – Former President, Ozark Christian College

“‘For such a time as this.’ …With boldness and grace, Mr. Clay stands up for the authority of the Bible and traditional moral values. He also tackles, in a formidable manner, the…hermeneutically indefensible arguments of those who advocate same-sex sexual relationships. I fully endorse this book.”

Paul Highfield – Missionary/Author

“Our rapidly changing world desperately needs leaders who can navigate the shifting
cultural climate with scriptural depth and clear convictions. Dick Clay’s book Ships Without Rudders embodies those priorities as a timely guide that will strengthen you to lead more effectively.”
John Lindell – Lead Minister, James River Church, Author of Soul Set Free
& New Normal


About the Author

Dick Clay grew up in a Christian home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He majored in Bible and minored in Psychology at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. He then earned the MTh (same as the Master of Divinity) in Bible and Theology at Harding Graduate School of Religion (now Harding School of Theology) in Memphis, Tennessee. He preached for eighteen years in churches in Mississippi, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. Then the Lord put Dick in the hearing aid business. He served as the owner of a growing, award-winning organization of twelve stores for thirteen years. He sold the business to engage more fully in ministry.

Dick currently also serves as a pastoral care minister at the vibrant Northside Christian Church in Springfield, Missouri, where he recently established a Celebrate Recovery ministry to help people win victory over their strongholds. He plans to return to preaching again soon. His wonderful wife, Robin, grew up on the mission field in Malawi, Africa. They have five children and seven grandchildren.

Dick enjoys strategizing for congregational growth, teaching classes, conducting small groups and one-on-one Bible studies, and applying the gospel to tough modern social issues. He analytically searches for common-sense explanations and solutions to difficult problems, recognizing that God’s Word has the final say. He also loves spending time with family, prayer ministry, volunteering for service, mission trips, and educational travel.

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