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Headship, Submission & The Bible: Gender Roles in the Home - CD

Headship, Submission & The Bible: Gender Roles in the Home - CD

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"No theologian or exegete has done a more thorough study of the difficult relationship between submission and headship--a hotly debated topic in evangelical circles and one in which there has often been more heat than light and more fighting for rights than finding biblical solutions. I want the women in my programs to be familiar with the works of this able scholar. The reading of his volumes is necessary for any serious student in women's studies." -Dorothy Kelley Patterson, professor of Theology in Women's Studies, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"With clear and compelling argumentation, and careful attention to the broad teachings of Scripture, Jack Cottrell has provided an outstanding discussion of the biblical and theological meaning of submission. He is very much aware of debates on the pertinent issues over the past several years, and he responds fairly and responsibly to egalitarian positions while he makes his case for the complementarian view as truly reflecting the teaching of Scripture." -Bruce A. Ware, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"I am deeply concerned over the willingness of egalitarians to embrace hermeneutical oddities and redefine biblical words in order to arrive at their view of manhood an womanhood, particularly as it relates to Ephesians 5. Jack Cottrell has brought his typical theological precision to bear on this important issue and has produced a work that everyone concerned about the authority of Scripture and the health of the home and church, should read. I completely recommend it!" - Randy Stinson, PhD, President, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Dean, School of Leadership and Church Ministry, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Headship, Submission, & The Bible has 24 chapters and 334 pages.


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About the Author:

Jack Cottrell was long-time professor of Theology at Cincinnati Christian University. He received his BA, ThB, Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary; BA, University of Cincinnati; MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary; PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary.


Available in electronic format only!

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