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12 More Lessons In Christian Doctrine

12 More Lessons In Christian Doctrine

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12 More Lessons In Christian Doctrine by Denver Sizemore

In this second book, formerly Gems of Bible Doctrine, Denver Sizemore focuses on many of the questions that go "unanswered" for the new Christian. 12 More Lessons In Christian Doctrine is the next step in studying the basic foundational building blocks of Christianity. Designed to be a companion book for Thirteen Lessons in Christian Doctrine, these studies continue the growth process begun in the first volume. Some of the benefits included in this study:

  • NIV text,
  • Studies on the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts,
  • Studies on Satan and Hell,
  • Study questions to reinforce each chapter,
  • Studies on love and speaking in tongues.

These are high powered, spiritual lessons designed for new Christians Sunday School classes, and Small Group studies.

ISBN #978-0-89900-768-6


About the Author

Denver Sizemore served as professor of New Testament for 43 years at Atlanta Christian College, retiring in 1992. After retirement, Mr. and Mrs. Sizemore spent much of their time teaching in mission colleges around the world. He was a well-known preacher and teacher throughout the churches of the southeast United States. His video series, produced by Good News Productions, International of Joplin, Missouri has multiplied his effectiveness as a Bible teacher. You will enjoy his clear, easy-to-follow presentation.

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