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My All for His Call

My All for His Call

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Victor Knowles is the leader of a ministry dedicated to Christian unity, Peace on Earth Ministries (POEM). In this book he gives us the best of his editorials from 35 years of publishing. Taken from the pages of One Body magazine, Knowles utilizes his considerable wordsmithing skill and takes up many critical topics that have great relevance in today’s fractured world.

Readers that are familiar with Knowles’ writing will be delighted to find his trademark flair for word play and humor along with a humility born of a deep respect for Scripture. My All for His Call takes the reader on a journey into the heart of our Lord that grants us clear insights with regard to his Jesus’ body, the church as well as our Lord’s passion for a lost world to know his grace and peace. Centering in on the essence of Christ’s prayer for unity from John 17, Knowles leads the reader to more deeply understand Jesus’ desire that Christians be one and that through that oneness, the world might know him and the salvation that he brings.

Book Features

  • Short story-based essays ideal for daily devotions
  • Four sections arranged chronologically by date of publication
  • Contains original columns from the birth of the journal One Body
  • Tributes given to College Press co-founder Don DeWelt and his vision for unity
  • Uses story format for easy and memorable reading
  • Well-suited for a study series on the subject of Christian unity



“If those won to Christ aren’t one in Christ, the world will never be won for Christ. And that would be the greatest tragedy imaginable because that’s why Jesus Christ left the splendor of heaven to be born in the squalor of a stable and to die an agonizing death on a bloody Roman cross.” (p. 12)

“The unity for which Jesus prayed must be centered in His perfect person and matchless work. He prayed for those who would believe that He was whom He claimed to be (John 17:21a). It must also be firmly seated in Scripture – a living faith in a living Christ that comes through the inspired teaching of the apostles, i.e., the apostles’ doctrine (John 17:21b). And then there is the riveting reason for our complete unity – “that the world may believe” (John 17:21c).” (p. 208)



"Unwavering Conviction"
"Few in our movement have committed themselves to the cause of unity like Victor Knowles. I am thankful for his unwavering conviction that Jesus' prayer for Christian unity and world evangelism is 'mission possible.' I welcome this needed reminder to be the one body of Christ."
Rick Atchley, Professor Teaching Minister at The Hills Church
North Richland Hills, Southlake, West Fort Worth, Texas
"Poignant and Passionate"
"The essays in this volume have demonstrated a timeliness and depth of thought that uniquely promote the goal of Christian unity for the purpose of winning the world to Christ. Your heart will be warmed by Victor's poignant and passionate essays that call upon the church to be 'one body.'"
Rick Cherok, Professor of Church History
Ozark Christian College
Joplin, Missouri

About the Author

Victor Knowles (b. 1945) is Founder and President of Peace on Earth Ministries, Joplin, MO, where he edits One Body magazine and The Knowsletter. He is the author of 26 books including Together in Christ: More than a Dream, his autobiography VICTOR: Since 1945, and the "Stand" Trilogy: Stand and Deliver, Stand with God, Stand for Truth. He is the recipient of the 2011 Pepperdine University "Distinguished Christian Service Award." Currently he serves on the preaching team of Mt. Hope Church of Christ in Joplin. Victor and Evelyn have been married since 1967 and have six children and spouses, 13 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.
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