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Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

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Marriage is the first institution created by God. Understanding the heart of God regarding marriage, divorce, and remarriage is vital for anyone seeking to honor Him in this very important relationship. With so many differing views on the subject streaming throughout the world, it's essential to listen to the desire and intent of the author of marriage.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage has 270 pages and three parts:  

  1. Paul (Sex, Celibacy, and Marriage)
  2. Jesus (Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Gospels)
  3. A Theology of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

ISBN 978-0-89900-995-7



About the Author

Jerry Jones, MRE, MTh, ThD, and his wife, Lynn, have conducted over 400 Marriage Matters conferences in 43 states and five foreign countries. This resource will help anyone seeking to honor God and His Word while working in the midst of marriages.

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