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Handbook for the Hurting

Handbook for the Hurting

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A Resource for Helpers and the Hurting:

What should we say and not say to help the hurting?
How can I cope with chronic illness?
How can I rejoice in my trials?
How can music contribute to healing?
How do sufferers respond to God and to doubt?
What benefits can we find in pain and suffering?

Reading Handbook for the Hurting will give you practical help as you seek to answer these questions.



“Beneficial for all Christians, especially those currently facing trials.”

~RALPH MEHRENS retired Ozark Christian College professor and retired preaching minister


Handbook for the Hurting “is comforting . . . informative . . .
biblically grounded . . . and faith-building.
The practical ministry aspect is enriching and helpful.”

~CHUCK SLOTE disabled from birth, retired minister and accountant


“. . . provides comfort and affirmation through honest
encounter with the most difficult questions we face.”

~PAUL BOATMAN Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling


About the Author

H. Lynn Gardner studied under Seth Wilson and served as academic dean of Ozark Christian College for seventeen years and taught at the college for thirty-four years. He edited a book of Wilson's essays and another in honor of Seth Wilson, co-authored a book with him and wrote a history of Ozark Christian College.

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