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Growing with God Study Set

Growing with God Study Set

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Pursue a relationship that will have an eternal impact – your relationship with God. As you learn more about God’s heart and how to communicate with Him, you’ll see yourself more the way He sees you – His beloved child.

Use these books to know the Creator better and to walk more closely with your heavenly Father.


What the Bible Says About the Heart of God: Listening to His Heartbeat

What makes God smile? What makes God angry? What makes God's heart beat? Have you ever wanted to know the answers to these questions about God? Do you want to find out if what you’ve always thought about God is really true? You can get answers to these questions by looking at what the Bible says about the heart of God.

In this stimulating and heartfelt book, Dr. Harold Shank leads us through an in-depth study of scripture that will help us find out what makes God’s heart beat. Dr. Shank also explores how to reconcile some of the difficult-to-comprehend aspects of God’s heart. “How can His goodness and love be reconciled with His command to utterly destroy a certain group of people?” or “If God cares about brokenhearted people, why are there so many of them in our world?”

Dr. Shank provides us with essential awareness of the relationship between God’s patience and His justice. Christians and nonbelievers alike will enjoy this discussion that will examine the heart of God.

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Sweet Hour of Prayer

Can you or your small group benefit from a more powerful prayer life? This helpful study walks you through an hour of prayer each day. Even if an hour a day feels out of reach, you will find valuable insight into maximizing the time you do have.

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