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Brother Wilson: The Life and Work of Seth Wilson

Brother Wilson: The Life and Work of Seth Wilson

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Seth Wilson, founding dean, shaped Ozark Bible College, now Ozark Christian College, more than any other person. Learn his ideas and principles on leadership and teaching.

Catch glimpses of his childhood, his conversion, and his student days, the early days of the college in Arkansas, and its move to Joplin. Observe his leadership in the college's sixty-five year history.

See him as a teacher and learn his ideas about the mission, curriculum, faculty and spirit of the Bible College. Read his quotable sayings and tributes from co-workers and students.

Brother Wilson has 15 chapters and 151 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-957-5




"Lynn Gardner has now written two works on Ozark Christian College. The first, 'Ozark Christian College: A Vision of Teaching the Word of Christ in the Spirit of Christ' put on display the history and spirit of OCC. In the present work, 'Brother Wilson: The Life and Work of Seth Wilson,' Lynn Gardner puts on display the principles and conviction of Ozark Christian College. By viewing OCC through the life of Seth Wilson one can appreciate why the college turned out as it did. The book is both fascinating and motivating to read. Lynn Gardner has honored his most influential teacher with a very informative biography."

 - Mark Scott, student of Seth Wilson and current Academic Dean, OCC


"Someone said books are the shoes with which we walk in the footsteps of great minds. This book takes you inside the mind of one of the Restoration Movement's most influential thought leaders. For over half a century, Seth Wilson was the heart and soul of Ozark Christian College, and his impassioned teaching left an indelible mark on thousands of Christian leaders. Thanks are due to Lynn Gardner for allowing us to hear, often in Seth's own words, those convictions which animated him and influenced so many others. Of course, those familiar with him knew that the mind of Seth was constantly fixed on the mind of Christ. If you're like me, reading this book will inspire you to walk more closely in His footsteps."

 - Matt Proctor, President of OCC


"I am honored to be his 'twice-born brother,' and commend this biography of his life to you for your edification and inspiration. Thank you Brother Lynn Gardner, Seth's student, co-worker and biographer, for preserving the life of this man who served a great God."

 - John Wilson, retired minister and Seth Wilson's older brother


"Seth Wilson is undoubtedly one of the most influential educations in the 20th century Restoration Movement. His philosophy shaped Ozark Christian College. His writings impacted multiplied thousands. Lynn Gardner, who knew Seth Wilson like few others, introduces the real Brother Wilson. In this carefully-researched biography he tells the story of Seth Wilson with high respect and warm regard. In it you'll follow Brother Wilson's life from an Iowa farm through years of training and ministry. As you read it you'll learn new insights about him. You'll smile often. You may shed a tear. You're sure to come away feeling that you know this influential educator better than you ever did before. I really enjoyed the book. Found it hard to put it down! This book you'll want to read again and recommend to your friends."

 - Sam Stone, Editor of Christian Standard (1978-2003)


" I love this book. It has already helped to build my own faith."

 - Terry Chaney, student of Seth Wilson and former faculty member, OCC.


"On a personal level, it was an edifying experience simply to read about the life and work of Brother Wilson. It's good to learn new things about his life and be reminded of some things known but perhaps forgotten. It was an encouragement and good stimulus for the work that I am involved in here on a daily basis. I hope the book serves that same purpose in the lives of many others."

 - Jeff Robertson, student of Seth Wilson and current faculty member, OCC.


About the Author

H. Lynn Gardner studied under Seth Wilson and served as academic dean of Ozark Christian College for seventeen years and taught at the college for thirty-four years. He edited a book of Wilson's essays and another in honor of Seth Wilson, co-authored a book with him and wrote a history of Ozark Christian College.
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