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Turning Church Members into Disciple Makers

Turning Church Members into Disciple Makers

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A distorted view of God will keep your friends and family from hearing or accepting the gospel. This book reveals the eleven spiritual profiles found in the book of Acts, how to correct their particular distortion of God, and then how to share the good news.
Luke, the author of Acts, revealed to us spiritual profiles. There are different types of people that the various evangelists encounter:

  1. The religious (Acts 2)
  2. The hurting (Acts 3)
  3. The occultist (Acts 8)
  4. The seeker (Acts 8)
  5. The fanatic (Acts 9)
  6. The good person (Acts 10)
  7. The successful (Acts 16)
  8. The skeptic (Acts 17)
  9. The misinformed (Acts 19)
  10. The hedonist (Acts 24)

Every spiritual profile has a certain distortion of God that needs to be corrected before a person becomes ready to embrace the gospel. You will learn all the distortions with biblical responses. It’s amazing how relevant the Bible is today. You meet these people in your neighborhood too.

God will use Luke to equip us for effective work redeeming our neighborhood with the very same gospel the Holy Spirit presented in Acts 2. The gospel never changes but we have to package the gospel differently based on the barriers that exist in different people.


Book Features

  1. “Spiritual profile” instructions make it possible for a disciple of Jesus to better understand the people that they are working with. Detailed instructions are given for the use of this instrument.
  2. Self-contained studies throughout the book serve as stand-alone lessons on their own. 
  3. Calls to action challenge the reader to apply what they learned at the end of each chapter. 
  4. Over 200 footnotes enrich this study and make possible the pursuit of important themes related to the subject of evangelism and discipleship.
  5. Special studies that offer very helpful resources in answering specific objections to the presentation of Christian faith.
  6. A video training kit is available through the Christian Church Leadership Network (CCL) that complements and facilitates the book itself. It is available through the website and a free code that is provided by CCL on request.



“This book will be your guide to discovering, embracing, enjoying, and implementing your God-given purpose in life. The goal is so that when we one day stand before God, we will hear these words, ‘Well done good and faithful servant, enter in the place prepared for you’ (Matthew 25:21).” (p. 7)

“Scripture cannot be clearer. In every generation, through his church, Jesus seeks to save lost people. If you call Jesus Lord, then his mission becomes your mission. His priority is your priority, “To seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10). Sharing the gospel is obedience to Jesus, as Lord.” (p. 15)

“The Great Commission is the final word of Jesus before his ascension. Jesus spent 3 ½ years preparing his followers to make disciples. What were Jesus’ final words before he left planet earth? Interestingly, Jesus did not say, ‘Worship me each week,’ or ‘Pray regularly,’ or ‘Study your Bible,’ although each of these precepts are vital. His ultimate challenge to his disciples was to ‘Go and make disciples!’ He had prepared them and now it was time to act.” (p. 24)



“Dr. Wallingford’s excellent book, Turning Church Members into Disciple Makers,
is especially timely as churches ramp up their efforts to reach people following the
challenges caused by COVID-19. This book is one of the best books on apologetics,
evangelism, and discipleship I’ve ever read. It is clear, direct, practical, and full of
Scripture references. Plus, the writing style has the unusual strength of being both
incredibly thorough yet easy to study and understand. I pray it is widely read,
discussed, and applied.”
– Dr. Kregg Hood, VP, Convoy of Hope, Springfield, MO

“Tim Wallingford does Paul Little one better! How To Give Away Your Faith was
the basic manual for many who desired to be more effective in reaching others for
Christ. Tim’s book provides deeper insights; a broader, multi-cultural context;
and a more biblical approach to help live out the purpose and mission of God. I
especially appreciated his ‘Let’s Wrap it Up’ and ‘Challenge’ sections to clarify
issues and move us to action. Wonderful book for the church today!”
– Dr. Larry Carter, President, Great Lakes Christian College


About the Author

Person: Dr. Tim Wallingford is presently serving as the Executive Director of
The Christian Church Leadership Network. He’s been married to Patty 43 years,
has two boys and three grandchildren.

Ministry: Tim has served in the local ministry 40 years. His experience includes
being the lead minister of four congregations ranging from small to emerging

Author: Tim has authored Transforming Neighborhoods One Life at a Time, 100
Answers for the Neighborhood, and co-authored, The Character of Christ, and
RePOSITION. A second edition of Transforming Neighborhoods One Life at a
Time is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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