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What The Bible Says About The Church: Rediscovering Community

What The Bible Says About The Church: Rediscovering Community

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There are so many images that come to mind when one hears the phrase "The Church." For others, it is an image of worship services and sermons. As one reads the New Testament, a different picture rises to the surface. It is a picture of community that cares, serves, loves, worships, corrects and encourages one another.

Community is at the heart of the Bible's image of the Church, and it was demonstrated from the very beginning by Jesus. As Overdorf writes: "One cannot read of Jesus' relationship with His disciples without recognizing the power of community. This ragamuffin twelve talked with Jesus during their long walks from village to village, asking questions and probing the wisdom of the great I AM. They sat at His feet around the evening campfires, drinking in story after story drawn from the annals of God's history. They stood beside Jesus, intrigued, while He taught the crowds. They watched while He stretched His hand to heal the leper, to comfort the grieving, and to brush back the wisp of hair from the eye of the curious child who sat on His knee. The disciples listened, learned, and observe in community with one another and with Jesus." (taken from the introduction)

What The Bible Bible Says About The Church: Rediscovering Community has 15 chapters and 421 pages

ISBN 978-0-89900-993-3


About the Author:

Dr. Daniel Overdorf served in local church ministry for ten years before joining the faculty of Johnson University in 2005, where he serves as a professor of preaching. He earned degrees from Johnson University, Lincoln Christian Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Carrie, have two sons and a daughter--Peyton, Tyler, and Claire.

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