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The Christian Life is a contact sport.  Following Jesus is tough, and you have the bruises to prove it.  A painful church conflict.  Tight finances.  A sinful habit that’s tough to break.  You may be limping off the field, feeling defeated, not sure if you’ll return.

You need the book of Revelation.

Despite popular opinion, Revelation is not an end-times mystery to be solved.  It’s a hard-times message to be embraced.  Written to struggling churches, the book proclaims a powerful word of hope:  at the end of the story, we win.

In this devotional study, Matt Proctor will uncover the major themes of Revelation.  Discussion questions, an applicational focus, and a readable style all combine to make this a helpful guide for personal reading or group study.

Let the last book of Scripture shoot spiritual adrenaline through your weary soul.  Revelation is good news:  if we stay faithful in the middle of the story, we’ll be VICTORIOUS in the end!

Written by Matt Proctor for the 2013 North American Christian Convention.

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ISBN 978-0-89900-564-5


About the Author:

Matt Proctor has served as a youth minister, preaching minister, Bible college professor and is now president of Ozark Christian College.  His writing includes two books, Finish-Line Faith and Victorious, and he serves as a contributing editor for Christian Standard magazine, as well as president of the 2013 North American Christian Convention.  He enjoys reading, cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals, and travelling widely to preach about Jesus.  

Matt is especially grateful to God for his wife Katie and their six children—Luke, Lydia, Clara, Carl, Conrad and Caroline.

Matt holds the MA from Lincoln Christian Seminary; BTh from Ozark Christian College; Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; University of Iowa

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