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Once I was Young: A Missionary Wife's Perspective

Once I was Young: A Missionary Wife's Perspective

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This book is the Helen M. Morse autobiography moving from Indiana to Asia from 1923-1972. It includes many personal insights, details of family life, as well as a heart-felt perspective of what it is like to live in extreme conditions for the cause of Christ. Once I Was Young is both a delightful recollection of life as it used to be as well as a journey of faith from childhood to marriage and on to the mission field.

Here you will share Mrs. Morse's impressions of Eastern Asia in the late 1940s. Meet the Lisu for the first time with her. Experience a battle in her village. Travel difficult trails. Make a home in the jungle.

In her lifetime, Helen Morse saw a great many changes as well as progress in our world. For instance she saw phone service go from operators to cell phones. She witnessed radios move from home-built crystal sets to tiny units that operate on a single AAA battery. She also saw the advent of world-changing phenomena such as antibiotics, television, microwaves and computers.

Once I Was Young: A Missionary Wife's Perspective is the third volume in a three book set that tells the compelling story of ministry and mission in Southeast Asia. This trilogy is being released in recognition of the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of it all in 1921.


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Morse Missionary Family Trilogy



  • Dozens of photographs and images depicting the stories that are told
  • Maps orient the reader to locations and important sites


About the Author

Helen Morse was born July 30, 1923 in Terre Haute, Indiana. She worked and lived in the countries of China, Burma and Thailand. For many years she and her husband of well over 50 years, resided in Chiangmai, Thailand. You will be challenged, inspired and blessed by reading her account.

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