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Baptism: A Biblical Study - ON BACKORDER!

Baptism: A Biblical Study - ON BACKORDER!

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In this classic work, Dr. Jack Cottrell guides you through every New Testament text that deals with baptism. It is a thorough, yet highly readable, study that provides a firm understanding of the New Testament teaching concerning this important doctrinal issue. This book now includes study questions for each chapter making this a great resource for group meetings.

Baptism: A Biblical Study has 13 chapters and 171 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-341-2




“… our goal in this study is to examine the main New Testament passages on the meaning of baptism as if we were hearing or seeing them for the first time. How would the original hearers of certain key statements have understood them? How would Nicodemus have understood John 3:5? How would Peter’s audience have interpreted Acts 2:38? How did Paul understand Ananias’ imperative in Acts 22:16? Also, how would the original readers of Acts and Romans and Colossians have interpreted the teaching on baptism contained therein? How would they have related this teaching to their own personal experience? For one who reads the New Testament today, what is the natural, face-value meaning of the passages on baptism?” (p. 7)


Other Languages

Since its initial publication, Baptism: A Biblical Study has been translated into Spanish. Click the link below to purchase a copy.

Bautismo: Un estudio bíblico


About the Author

Jack Cottrell is Professor of Theology at Cincinnati Christian University. He received his BA, ThB, Cincinnati Bible College & University; BA, University of Cincinnati; MDiv, Westminister Theological Seminary; PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary.

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